>About me

Screenname: Vilya

Interests: Hiking and being outside, Dungeons & Dragons, playing piano, music, Tolkien.
Favorite food: Pb and banana toast

>Future Goals

Where I want to live: While I believe that I would initially like to live near family, especially as I transition into working life for my first couple of years. However, in the long run, this is not a huge priority of mine, as I have a small family and could visit them often while living somewhere else. I want to live in a smaller, quieter town, as I find large cities confining and overwhelming after staying in them for an extended period of time. I also like people watching and seeing things such as museums/arcades/coffee shops, so an ideal balance would be a town or small city a forest on the outskirts.

Lifestyle: I would consider myself a proponent of simple living, not in terms of minimalist aesthetics, but in terms of purchasing and keeping habits. Staying away from consumerism is important to me, as it seems to create a lot of unhappiness and is a waste of money and time (both from the time it takes to get money and the time it takes worrying about what to buy). After reading some blogs that go into depth on cyber privacy, I would also like to protect my privacy a little bit better too. I would also like to garden and take other practices to become more sufficient in my own life and household. This will help create a lifestyle that allows me to work less than average while being content and enjoying all that I have.