Thank you for 8,000 views!!! Touched up a little bit on my music and media favorites. I've been recently getting into metal music, though I'll add that once I'm done writing about some other albums that are already on the website.


Starting Uni in-person this year has honestly been quite tiring. While I can not obsess over neocities the way that I did over the summer, I still think about it and skim it quite frequently as new project ideas come to mine. First I want to finish what I've already started, and I'm working on finishing my music page and my Tolkien page (which the more I think about the more I want to add the excitement I have towards it combined with my lack of time frankly makes me a bit overwhelmed to open).


Figured that there is now enough content on my Tolkien page to formally link it into the rest of my website. This doesn't make it any less of a WIP, as evident by how I subdivided this project under the 'wishlist' segment. Cheers!


Found out how to add interactive images, filled out some of my album reviews, and drafted some ideas for Tolkien shrine. Thank you for over 6,000 views! :^)


Created wishlist for website (I think it was yesterday), wrote on ideal future lifestyle in 'about me'.


Created this updates log. Had to estimate the dates before this, but they should be fairly accurate :)


Thank you for 4,000 views!


Learned how to use flexbox a lot better in css; cleaned up a lot of issues that will allow my website to be more flexable


Wrote about my favorite albums and added album covers


Made Gondola page


Made graphics page


Added guestbook


Added about me


Added books and albums


Created website